About Zilento

Zilento’s goal is to be the best at noise reduction. There is a solution for every industry and every type of production environment. We have the expertise and passion to show you the right noise reduction equipment that will provide a better working environment.

Zilento means silence in Latin, and we are happy to contribute.

Our ambition is to be the best in the industry in terms of noise reduction measures, to get the best working environment

Zilento was started with a strong commitment to help companies create a better working environment in relation to noise reduction measures. Zilento consists of seven ambitious employees in Norway and Sweden with a passion for noise reduction, with an engineering background and experience and expertise in sales, mechanical production, technical drawing and project management.

Zilento AS was started by Ola and Alf-Ole in January 2019 after working together for many years in a similar industry. With a background in its commitment to noise reduction measures, for a better working environment, Zilento was started. They have a total of 20 years of experience in noise reduction measures for Offshore, Building & Construction and Industry.

Zilento has developed noise houses/noise walls/noise screens/noise curtains that we manufacture ourselves. The noise houses are modular and built to order. We encapsulate noisy equipment, such as heat pumps, motors, compressors, HPU (Hydraulic Power Units), pumps and gears.

In addition, Zilento buys products from recognized suppliers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England and Belgium. We offer a wide range of products in acoustics/noise reduction/vibration sound and are happy to help with advice on what will be the best solution for your challenges!

Ola Zetterlund

Alf-Ole Gotteberg

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