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We offer a wide range of products in acoustics/noise reduction and are happy to help with advice on what will be the best solution for your challenges!

Noise absorbing curtain

Our sound-absorbing curtains, which are known for their durability and resistance to moisture, oils and splashes. These curtains are available in light gray and can also be equipped with transparent viewing panes made of soft PVC plastic.

In order to achieve the optimal noise reduction in your workplace, it is recommended to order the noise curtain to measure, so that they fit your needs exactly.

Noise-reducing properties

The noise curtain contains a core material of 10 mm noise-absorbing PVC foam, which provides an average reduction (Rm) of 16 dB in a laboratory environment. We also offer these curtains with antistatic PVC.

Effective sound absorption for industrial environments with windows

To effectively reduce noise, it is important to attack the noise source directly. The noise curtain can be mounted in several ways, including movable in a rail system or attached directly to walls or racks. This gives great flexibility and the opportunity to adapt the solution to your needs.

Noise curtains directly dampen sound from loud work processes, such as hammer blows and angle grinders, with a peak of up to 130 dB.

Change in sound level and perceived effect

  • 1 dB change – Little noticeable improvement
  • 2-3 dB change – Noticeable improvement
  • 4-5 dB change – Very noticeable improvement
  • 5-6 dB change – Substantial improvement
  • 8-10 dB change – Perceived as halving the perceived sound level Product data


  • Design: We adapt the noise curtains to your wishes and goals.
  • PVC front: Dense PVC, which acts as an effective sound stopper.
  • Core material: 10 mm noise-absorbing PVC foam.
  • PVC net back: Perforated PVC net on the back (Absorbing side)
  • Colours: Light gray antistatic.
  • Weight: 4 kg/m2.
  • Suspension: Options include eyelets, rail system, S-hooks, running carriages and brackets for easy mounting.

The noise curtain gives you the sound dampening protection you need to create a more comfortable and productive working environment in industrial settings. Our tailor-made approach ensures that the curtains fit your workplace perfectly. Contact us to discuss your needs and get professional guidance on noise problem solutions.

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