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We offer a wide range of products in acoustics/noise reduction and are happy to help with advice on what will be the best solution for your challenges!

Noise absorbing screens

Our robust noise screens are designed to withstand challenging conditions and are available in several sizes. They have a standard height of 2 or 2.37 metres, and you can choose between standard widths of 1.25 or 2.48 meters. The screens can be delivered as a single screen or connected together with suitable connection fittings. We also offer adaptation to special measurements if you have specific requirements.

The screens are made from aluminum profiles, which gives them low weight and makes them easy to move. Each screen weighs from 30 to 60 kg and is equipped with 4 wheels (of which 2 can be locked) for easy transport. The noise screen is delivered in the color light grey. Other colors are available, if desired.

All our screens are with antistatic PVC.

Noise reduction

Our noise screens are constructed with a 50 mm thick absorbent core made of pressed stone wool, which provides an average sound reduction of an impressive 26 dB. The screen is surrounded by PVC netting and has a heavy PVC backing. This gives a sound dampening effect and an Rm (average reduction) of 26.2 dB.

Noise reduction of Direct Sound: Direct sound is the sound that reaches the receiver without being reflected from any surfaces. To reduce this sound, we have several options, including noise- absorbing walls, movable noise screens and noise-absorbing curtains. The choice depends on the needs and appearance of the working environment, with the workflow as an important factor. In some cases, a combination of these options may be the best solution.

Noise reduction properties

Our noise screens are particularly effective at dampening the sound from hammer blows and angle grinders, with a noise of up to 130 dB. This is particularly important to fulfill the employer’s duty to protect workers who are exposed to noise loads above 80 dB or a maximum sound pressure above 130 dB (C) peak.

Change in Sound Level and Perceived Effect: To help you understand how changes in sound level can affect the experience of noise, here are some guidelines:

  • 1 dB change: Gives an easily noticeable improvement
  • 2-3 dB change: Provides a clearly noticeable improvement
  • 4-5 dB change: Gives a significant noticeable improvement
  • 5-6 dB change: Gives a marked improvement
  • 8-10 dB change: Perceived as halving the perceived sound level Product specifications
  • Design: Standard dimensions or special dimensions up to 3 meters in height Frame: Aluminum profile
  • PVC front: Dense PVC, which acts as a sound stopper Core material: 50 mm pressed stone wool
  • PVC net back: Perforated PVC net on the back Colours: Gray antistatic PVC
  • Wheels: 4 pcs (2 pcs lockable)
  • Weight: 30-60 kg
  • Fire class: Pressed mineral wool = A1 non-combustible

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