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We offer a wide range of products in acoustics/noise reduction and are happy to help with advice on what will be the best solution for your challenges!

Noise absorbing walls

We offer a wide selection of noise absorbing walls in different qualities and thicknesses to meet different needs and industries.

Noise wall in Steel

Our steel noise walls are constructed according to the sandwich principle with a core of crosswise mineral wool which is solidly attached to both sides of a hot-dip galvanized steel plate. The steel plates can be supplied in both plain and perforated designs, and the product has been tested to meet strict environmental requirements in terms of materials and construction.

The Zilento panel system gives you a very flexible solution with many advantages. This noise wall is ideal for dampening and reducing noise in industry. Installation is simple and quick, and it usually reduces the installation time to a fifth compared to traditional site-built walls.

Noise wall in PVC

Our PVC noise wall is robust and flexible, designed to withstand harsh conditions. We adapt this screen exactly to our customers’ wishes and needs. You can choose between several different profiles that provide low weight and the possibility of easy lateral movement, so that goods and personnel can pass through if necessary.

This noise wall consists of a 50 mm thick absorbent core of pressed stone wool, which provides an impressive average reduction of a whopping 26 dB. It is constructed with a PVC net on the absorbent side and a solid PVC cloth on the front to prevent sound transmission.

Workplace walls

Zilento also offers a comprehensive range of workplace walls that provide effective protection and shielding in the workplace. If you are unsure about the type of screening you need, you can contact us for a consultation. Our team will give you advice and guidance to ensure that your workplace is safe and secure.

This noise-absorbing wall system has been developed to simplify and streamline the daily workflow. Tools and other equipment can easily be hung directly on the walls, so you can create an organized and functional workplace. If necessary, a wall can also be converted into a movable screen on wheels with the help of an additional set of wheels. We adapt the solutions to your needs for maximum practicality.

Easy to install

Brackets and angle brackets with pre-assembled screws and nuts are fixed in the T-slot on the wall sections’ aluminum profile, which makes installation quick and easy. It also means that the wall system can be dismantled or rebuilt as many times as desired.

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