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We offer a wide range of products in acoustics/noise reduction and are happy to help with advice on what will be the best solution for your challenges!

Noise reduction enclosures for Industry

We are experts in the design, production and installation of noise enclosures that cover a wide range of applications. Our noise enclosures for industry serve multiple purposes, including noise reduction, protection of machinery, weather protection and dust protection. With our noise enclosures, we can achieve an impressive reduction in unwanted sound of over 30 dB.

Noise reduction in industrial environments

One of our specialties is encapsulating noisy machinary, including rotating equipment, into sound- absorbing noise enclosures. This prevents unwanted sound from spreading freely in the work area. The use of noise enclosures is often the most effective method of controlling airborne noise.

Zilento’s noise enclosures are an excellent choice for the three most common approaches to noise control:

  1. Encapsulate or isolate noisy equipment or
  2. Protect personnel, operators and
  3. Establish an optimal test and laboratory

We adapt noise enclosures and noise-reducing cabinets for a range of machines and sound sources, both for indoor and outdoor use. Each noise “house” is carefully adapted to the customer’s specifications and requirements to ensure that it meets your expectations and provides optimal sound attenuation.

Noise enclosures with several functions

Our noise enclosures primarily serve as silencers, but they can also protect the valuable equipment , privacy of the operator, prevent contamination from dust as well as weather protection and more. We adapt each noise enclosure to your unique conditions and needs, including additional equipment such as doors, hatches, windows, noise traps and penetrations. Our noise enclosures are modular and easy to assemble and disassemble.

With the integration of noisy equipment, we can achieve impressive reductions of over 30 dB reduction of unwanted sound. Typical applications for our noise enclosures in industrial environments include compressors, motors, generators, fans, process plants and hydraulic units (HPU).

Technical information

  • Outer plate: Aluminium, Magnelis or Syrefast 316 (other materials available)
  • Inner plate: Perforated plate in galvanized, aluminum or Acid-resistant 316L material. Core material: IMO-approved Stone wool (50 mm)
  • Wall thickness: Standard 53-55 mm (other thicknesses available) Customization options: Doors, hatches, windows, noise traps, bushings, etc.

Reduction figure and Absorption class: Our standard noise house wall panel system has a reduction capacity of 32 dB with an A-class absorbent on the sound-absorbing side. The panels are usually 55 mm thick, but the actual degree of attenuation may vary depending on the frequencies to be attenuated and the number of penetrations.

We tailor all noise houses according to your needs and wishes to ensure that they provide optimal performance and accessibility.

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