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We offer a wide range of products in acoustics/noise reduction and are happy to help with advice on what will be the best solution for your challenges!

Noise traps

Sound traps are very effective in reducing noise from various ventilation openings.

The size of the sound traps can vary considerably, depending on the amount of air and the desired sound reduction.

We offer custom-made planning, production and installation of noise dampers, sound traps, louvers and acoustic grilles in all imaginable formats, in line with our customers’ specific needs and preferences.

Our range includes both circular and square sound traps. Contact us for help with calculating sound attenuation and design.

A sound trap is a construction that effectively prevents sound from spreading from one area to another. Our sound traps are specially designed to reduce noise from various openings, and we adapt them exactly to your needs. Regardless of whether you need large or small damping, we have the solution for you.

Changes in the sound level can have a significant impact on the experience of noise. Here are some guidelines for what to expect:

  • 1 dB change: Gives an easily noticeable improvement
  • 2-3 dB change: Provides a clearly noticeable improvement
  • 4-5 dB change: Gives a significant noticeable improvement
  • 5-6 dB change: Gives a marked improvement
  • 8-10 dB change: Perceived as halving the perceived sound level

We also offer rectangular sound baffles made of galvanized steel, where the absorbing material in the baffles consists of mineral wool. This material is isolated to prevent fibers from spreading with the air flow. Alternatively, the sound traps can be ordered with baffles protected by perforated plates for extra strength and durability.

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