Zilento’s goal is to be the best at noise reduction. There is a solution for every industry and every type of production environment. We have the expertise and passion to show you the right noise reduction equipment that will provide a better working environment.

Zilento means silence in Latin, and we are happy to contribute.

Zilento has carried out soundproofing of a transformer shaft and associated SVC system at Sylling trafo due to complaints about noise polution from local residents. Throughout the entire process from start to finish, planning, execution and final documents were delivered on time, Zilento AS were flexible and proffesional.

Asgeir Midtbøen

Construction Management, Statnett




In our production, we use a drilling jig with several drills that run simultaneously. This produces quite a lot of noise and vibration, so that our entire production room was affected by it. Zilento fitted and mounted sound-absorbing material/plates to the back wall, ceiling and on the jig. In addition, we purchased a number of freestanding sound asorbing acustic partitions that we now place around the machine as needed.

G3 Gausdal Treindustrier

G3 Gausdal Treindustrier

We have struggled with noise from our timber intake and root reducing machinery, in relation to our neighbours. We have received many complaints about this noise over the years. After we came into contact with Zilento, and their products, we quickly and efficiently arrived at a common solution that we believed in. We have now installed an acustic noise wall, and this works incredibly well.

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We are very pleased with how Zilento helped us and solved our noise challenges. They gave prices and time frames that were respected, and were able to complete the instalation outside of our working hours.

Overall, we have a good experience with how they helped us.

Tom Harlad Rudberg

Department Manager Lørenskog, Ragn Sells

Thanks for the profesional help with our showroom and fixing the bad acoustics ? Good follow-up from start to finish, and nice job.

We noticed a very big difference after Zilento were finished. Now we can have courses and demonstrations for customers without getting tired after 2 hours.

Vidar Huke Holmstrøm

Business Manager, Flex1One

The absorbents have been installed and functioned very satisfactorily.

I think we will probably order a few extra, so we can have them in "strategic" places on the walls as well.

Kenneth Andre Hansen

Manager, Vinde

Thanks for a good job.

Eirik Kruke

Manager, HAB